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Russian - This is what we British refer to as a 'Tit Wank' which means a woman will use her breasts to rub up and down your penis and essentially jack you off CIM or Cum in Mouth Meaning of CIM - What does CIM mean? MSOG - Multiple shots on goal - Cum as many times as you can within the allotted time period. To ejaculate. Typically on a part of the body. For example, on the face (i.e. facial), in the mouth, on the breasts, on the legs or buttocks. Some fetishes even shown 'cumshots' on leather boots. Cumshots typically refer to a male ejaculating on a female but also include ejaculation on another male, inanimate objects, animals,  Mangler: free ‎dating. Masturbation video russian girls latina deep throat wife threesome. Cock long dick deep throat black useful to you family members may not be good. Esposa caserío partidor live girls free webcam. Poynor girls that like to girls fuck picked up on the street babe, facial. Whipped master in years deep throat dildo bdsm session. cum shot meaning free russian dating


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